cashmere scarf - silver grey - PIC MEN


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100% pure cashmere scarf made in an historic mill in Britain, that is over 200 years old.  

Indulge in the ultimate in luxury.   These finest quality cashmere scarves are wider at 30cm and will provide you with warmth, supreme comfort and enduring style.  

- 100% Pure Cashmere - UNISEX
- 180 x 30cm (70.9 x 12 inches) - Dry Clean

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MADE IN BRITAIN - considered a world centre of excellence in cashmere production

The World's Finest Cashmere

"Not all cashmere is created equal"

A small percentage of the world’s cashmere is grade A - the highest quality cashmere available, with a long thread that is extremely soft and actually becomes softer with each wash and gives many years of superior performance.

You will find cheaper cashmere elsewhere, but much of it will have been made with lower quality cashmere and it will often pill, bobble and fall apart after a few washes.

All of our 100% cashmere is grade A quality and has been made in historic British mills that have been perfecting the art of spinning, dying, weaving and tailoring the finest woollens and cashmere for hundreds of years.

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