Why British Tweed

The Cloth of Kings

British tweed has been the preferred cloth of British royalty and the British aristocracy for hundreds of years.  It is a superior cloth that is thick, warm, breathable and tailors beautifully, lasting for years and years.

British tweed is made from 100% virgin wool from British breeds of sheep that have been reared in Britain for hundreds of years, such as, Teviot, Hebridean, Shetland.  The quality of their wool is excellent for weaving the highest quality of tweed.

We work with several tweed mills throughout England and Scotland.  Incredibly, many of them were founded over 200 years ago, in the 1700’s and 1800’s and through this time, they have been passing down their expertise and skills.  So when you choose an item made from British tweed, you are not only acquiring an excellent quality piece of clothing, but one that has heritage, history, age-old skill and expertise, woven into every single stitch.

A very special type of British tweed ... Harris Tweed

A very special type of British tweed is, Harris Tweed.  It is not woven on machines - but is woven by hand on hand-worked looms, in the cottages of people living on the tiny wind-swept Scottish islands of mainland Scotland, called the Outer Hebrides.  They have been weaving it this way since the 1700’s.

Harris tweed, is the only fabric in Britain that has its own Act of Parliament to protect it and every 50 meters has to be certified by an official from the Harris Tweed Authority, to ensure that it is 100% genuine Harris tweed, handwoven in a weaver’s cottage in the Outer Hebrides, from 100% virgin wool. 

We often make our ladies coats from Harris Tweed and have the tweed sent to us directly from the Scottish Outer Hebrides, where it has been carefully woven and produced.