We were on a search … to find the perfect shop in our home town of Bath.  The search began in 2010 and over the next 2 years we viewed many premises, but they weren’t quite right … wrong location, wrong size etc. Then in 2012 we found ‘the one’.

A little shop a few steps from magnificent Bath Abbey and the world famous Roman Baths.  Our shop is small, but we just fell in love with it.  It was built in 1789 and is an historic grade II listed building with a beautiful Bath stone frontage.

It was actually built as a shop and it’s wonderful to imagine what different uses it has been put to over the past 237 years and to imagine all of the people that have passed through its doors – from the Georgian period, though to Victorian times and up to modern day.

It has a calm, pleasant, friendly energy that we felt even before we moved in, when it was just an empty shell. So many of our customers have commented on how lovely it feels.   

And Bath?  Well, it is a stunning city, with a huge amount of history spanning back to Roman times.  Its architecture is unsurpassable, with its intricately carved honey coloured Bath stone frontages and its grand sweeping crescents.  It has been designated a World Heritage City by UNESCO and it welcomes over 5.5 million British and international visitors each year.   However, it remains a calm, relaxed city with very friendly people.

To be honest, as we walk to the shop and look up at magnificent Bath Abbey, in whose shadow our shop sits, it never fails to take our breath away.  It makes us feel very lucky to have our shop located in such a special place.

Our customers come from literally all four corners of the globe and it’s a pleasure to be able to welcome them to our shop.  On a typical day we meet customers from Britain, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and the Far East.  We are always genuinely interested in explaining to them about the history, heritage and provenance of our products and with most of our customers being so friendly and interested in what we do, we often end up having a good laugh and some very interesting chats.

All of the above makes it such a delight to run our shop and company.  From being able to offer such quality, unique products, to the magnificent city we are located in and to the varied and interesting customers who pass through our door - it has from the start and continues to be a wonderful experience.