Our philosophy is all about doing something that has a real purpose behind it and doing it to the best of our ability.

We believe that there is real value in showcasing beautiful British textiles, from our intricately woven tweeds that reflect the natural colours and hues of the British rural landscape, to our softest, most indulgent cashmere and merino lambswool, expertly woven for us in historic mills founded hundreds of years ago.

Pieces like these are rarely showcased nowadays, as we live in an age of fast, disposable consumerism, where many products are made as cheaply as possible abroad, often sacrificing quality along the way.

The mills we work with across the British Isles still weave gorgeous, sumptuous textiles of the highest quality and they use skills that have been passed down through literally hundreds of years.  The result is that talent, heritage and integrity are woven into every piece they produce for us.

We acknowledge that our customers appreciate well-made clothing and accessories.  They prefer to acquire fewer items, but want to make sure that those they do, are of quality and will last and they want those items to make them feel special when worn.  

Our philosophy is at the heart of all we do and we strive to help support the continuation of the British textile industry and the communities that rely on it, whilst also providing our customers with clothing and accessories that are of the highest quality, integrity and provenance.

The Clandar Team