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Think fashion, think looking good .... but think a little deeper.  Let's think heritage, quality, integrity ... let's think about fine British craftsmanship.

This is what Clandar is all about.  We're about more than just fashion ... we like to go further.  
We were founded in 2012 with the launch of our shop in Bath, England.  Our desire was to offer the great British public and our overseas customers, something of quality that had actually been made in Britain. On delving into the British textile industry we realised that there was a rich heritage and history stretching back generations and that promisingly, some British textile mills are still weaving and some fine tailoring companies are still creating quality garments, using age old skills that have survived through the centuries.
Britain is famed for its high quality craftsmanship and we wanted to showcase this and to support the last remaining British textile mills, tailors and manufacturers that are still doing wonderful things, in the face of a changing and challenging world.
We began by offering pieces obtained from third party suppliers - that is companies who bought tweed from British mills and then turned it into garments using their own designs, that they then sold on to numerous retailers.
We soon realised that we wanted to go further with the designs we offered.  We wanted them to have more of a fashion edge, be more flattering and wearable.  We also wanted to offer something far more exclusive ... more exciting.
So, the hard work began .... researching British tweed mills, going through thousands of tweed samples, finding lining companies and button producers and the hardest bit - finding our own tailors and manufacturers, which was an almost impossible task, as the majority of them have closed down.
At times we felt that there was an insurmountable mountain to climb, but our goal always was and still is, to look first to Britain for our manufacturers and suppliers.
After a huge amount of work and effort, we established our own team of textile mills, tailors and manufacturers, all of whom have helped us to turn our dream into a reality. 
We now offer a range of exclusive pieces made solely for our shop in Bath, England and our website.  They feature British tweeds, lining, trims and buttons all sourced by ourselves.  Production wise, our pieces are made in tiny production runs which adds to their exclusivity.  We don't make 1000 tweed coats in one go ... we'll make just 25 - 80.
We promise to always use tweeds, cashmere and woollens woven in the British Isles.  Additionally, we will always look first to the British Isles to have these wonderful fabrics turned into garments for us, but if the necessary manufacturing facilities no longer exist, we will look to mainland Europe, to find the finest tailoring expertise we can.  
Our current exclusive offering includes men's British tweed jackets, waistcoats, trousers, ties and caps as well as ladies tweed coats, jackets and fine accessories.
A highlight has to be having two exclusive house tweeds woven especially for us in a British tweed mill.  The idea that they literally cannot be obtained from anywhere else in the world, makes them extremely enticing. 
For our first House tweed we chose a rich earthy brown with an old gold overcheck.  For our second House tweed we chose a rich, sumptuous navy/charcoal background with a vibrant pale blue overcheck enhanced with navy and black - lending it a more contemporary, cosmopolitan edge.  We have tailored this second House tweed into a range of menswear and a reversible ladies poncho, both of which were launched at the end of 2017.
So, the story continues and we feel extremely lucky to be creating our own tweeds and clothing designs and working with talented historic mills and manufacturers.  What has been incredibly heartening is that so many people have supported us and have appreciated what we are doing, which makes all the hard work worthwhile and keeps us striving to do things differently ... to keep offering our wonderful customers items of quality that will keep them warm, looking great and put a smile on their face.
With warmest regards  
the Clandar Team
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